WE MOVED!: Aikido Silicon Valley has moved to a new location. Our new address is 631 Grape Ave in Sunnyvale and classes will be held there starting Saturday 6/23.

Upcoming Event: Ryuji Sawa Sensei will be teaching at Aikido Silicon Valley on August 1st from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. The cost for this event is $30 and is limited to 50 participants. Register for this event Download the flyer


Ueshiba Morihei O-Sensei, Founder (1883-1969)
  • Began training Daito-ryu Aiki-jujitsu with Takeda Sokaku Sensei in 1915
  • Moved to Iwama (Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan) in 1942
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Saito Morihiro Shihan, 9th Dan (1928-2002)
  • Began training in 1946 with O-Sensei in Iwama
  • Remained a close student of O-Sensei for 23 years until O-Sensei's passing in 1969
Saito Sensei Dedication

Bill Witt Shihan, 8th Dan
  • Began training in 1967 at Hombu Dojo (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Attended classes taught by O-Sensei and Saito Shihan at Hombu Dojo
  • Moved to Iwama to train exclusively with Saito Shihan
  • Awarded the title of Shihan by the Aikikai Foundation in 2001
Saito Sensei and Bill Witt: The Early Years

Alice MacAllister Sensei, 5th Dan
  • Began training in 1981 at Aikido West in Redwood City with Frank Doran Shihan
  • Founded Aikido Silicon Valley in 1998 with Michael O'Quin Sensei and Bill Witt Shihan