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An effective self-defense does not have to be violent and destructive. The dynamics of Aikido gives us the option of a hard or soft response to aggression, and the calmness of mind to choose appropriately.

Techniques involve blending with the energy of an attack, drawing the attacker out of their area of strength, and redirecting the energy of the attack to a favorable outcome.

Principles of harmony, blending with adversity, and leading a conflict to a positive resolution makes Aikido applicable to physical conflict as well as daily life.

  • Learn skills for self-defense and for the defense of others
  • Improve physical strength and health, confidence, discipline and awareness
  • Continually develop personal character through budo

Join us on the path of Aikido

Trial Programs

Experience Aikido with one of our trial programs. Classes are tailored to the student to provide a starting point regardless of past experience or physical condition.

Aikido Introduction
3 Free Classes
Individualized Training.
Intro to fundamentals.

Aikido Exploration
10 Classes for $100.
Earn your first rank.
Includes a free uniform.

Visitors are welcome to observe a class.
Contact us today to schedule a visit.


631 Grape Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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Aikido Silicon Valley
Based on 14 Reviews
Brian J.
Brian J.
2022-06-01 12:11:38
I cannot say enough great things about Aikido Silicon Valley. When I started out they turned my perception of what Aikido is upside down. I appreciated the... read more
Kristin S.
Kristin S.
2022-03-07 08:58:33
I cannot recommend Aikido Silicon Valley enough. Becoming a member of this dojo has changed my life in unexpected ways. As a moderately uncoordinated and... read more
Ems H.
Ems H.
2021-07-03 22:32:13
Great place to do aikido. Very welcoming and very knowledgeable instructors. read more
Aikido Silicon Valley
Based on 15 reviews
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Em Hu
Em Hu
04:03 01 Jul 21
Great place to learn aikido.
Dat Nguyen
Dat Nguyen
05:56 30 Jan 19
Very helpful, and friendly.
Brian E. Joe
Brian E. Joe
01:45 21 Jul 18
Andy C.
Andy C.
18:01 16 Nov 15
Rare chance to train with a shihan. Great place to train.
Michal Drewniak
Michal Drewniak
17:58 04 Sep 12
Great Iwama-style dojo.
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Bill Witt Shihan 8th Dan Promotion

Congratulations to Witt Shihan on his promotion to 8th degree black belt, the highest rank that is awarded by the Aikikai Foundation. Witt Shihan began training in 1967 in Tokyo and has become an influential member of the Aikido community. At the time of his promotion, there have only been about 100 people in the world who have ever been promoted to this rank.

Witt Shihan teaches two classes a week at Aikido Silicon Valley. The students of Aikido Silicon Valley are very proud to call Witt Shihan our Sensei.
Witt Shihan hachi dan
Bill Witt Shihan receiving 8th dan certificate from Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba at Hombu Dojo (Tokyo) on January 8, 2017.