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Aikido Silicon Valley
Martial Art, Self-Defense, Budo
Located in Sunnyvale, CA since 1998

An effective self-defense does not have to be violent and destructive. The dynamics of Aikido allow for an appropriate response to challenging situations. Aikido gives us the choice of a hard or soft response, and the calmness of mind to choose appropriately. The techniques of Aikido primarily consist of throws and joint locks that do not require physical strength to execute.

Principles of harmony, blending with adversity, and leading a conflict to a positive resolution makes Aikido applicable to physical conflict as well as daily life.

  • Learn skills for self-defense and for the defense of others
  • Improve physical health, confidence, discipline and awareness
  • Continually develop personal character through budo
We are located in Sunnyvale and easily accessible to the greater San Jose area. Classes are taught by Dojo Cho David Yoshinaga Sensei (5th degree black belt), Alice MacAllister Sensei (5th degree black belt), Bill Witt Shihan (8th degree black belt and Master Instructor), and James Ashby Sensei (5th degree black belt).
  • Witt Sensei, Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival

Distanced Physically, United in Spirit – Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our classes have been modified to allow for in-person and online no contact learning.  All classes are conducted in the dojo and are limited to eight students in-person and unlimited online.  We will be adjusting our class schedule as the situation changes.  New students are welcome to observe or register for one of our trial programs.

In-person classes follow all guidelines provided by health professionals. A face mask is required and proper distancing is enforced. All students are temperature checked and verbally screened on arrival. Attendees must be symptom free and not have any contact with a known infection case for two weeks prior to attending class.

No contact classes gives us the opportunity to focus on individual body movements that make up the foundation of Aikido without the added variable of an attacker.  We also included numerous discussions about individual techniques, history as well as other topics.  Individual weapons training is a good tool to learn proper body movements which also apply to non-weapons techniques.  We are increasingly working on ways to make the best use of the time away from normal classes.

Our Exploratory Program is discounted by 50% while we are in our altered class schedule.  That is 10 classes, in-person or online, for $50.  Full membership tuition is also deeply discounted.

Contact us for details or to schedule your first class.

Join us on the path of Aikido

Trial Programs

Experience Aikido with one of our trial programs. Classes are tailored to the student to provide a starting point regardless of past experience or physical condition.

Aikido Introduction
3 Free Classes
Individualized Training

Aikido Exploration
REDUCED PRICE during the COVID-19 restrictions.
10 Classes for $100 $50
Earn your first rank.
Includes a free uniform

Visitors are welcome to observe a class.
Contact us today to schedule a visit.


631 Grape Ave, Santa Clara, CA 94087

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Reviews on Yelp

Aikido Silicon Valley 5.0 star rating 11 reviews
Chatree C.'s Review Chatree C.
5.0 star rating

I trained with Aikido Silicon Valley for about 5 years before life got in a way.. still hope to get back one day. Our dojo had profound impact on my life...

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Warren W.'s Review Warren W.
5.0 star rating

Always interested in martial arts, I was most intrigued by Aikido for it starting with weapons training right with beginners.

Went to visit this dojo and...

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Linda S.'s Review Linda S.
5.0 star rating

Great place to learn aikido. Sensei Witt is very kind, patient and supportive and the rest of the members are very friendly. I highly recommend starting...

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Bill Witt Shihan 8th Dan Promotion

Congratulations to Witt Shihan on his promotion to 8th degree black belt, the highest rank that is awarded by the Aikikai Foundation. Witt Shihan began training in 1967 in Tokyo and has become an influential member of the Aikido community. At the time of his promotion, there have only been about 100 people in the world who have ever been promoted to this rank.

Witt Shihan teaches two classes a week at Aikido Silicon Valley. The students of Aikido Silicon Valley are very proud to call Witt Shihan our Sensei.
Witt Shihan hachi dan
Bill Witt Shihan receiving 8th dan certificate from Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba at Hombu Dojo (Tokyo) on January 8, 2017.