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Bill Witt Shihan

8th Degree Black Belt
Senior Instructor of the Takemusu Aikido Association

Bill Witt Sensei

Witt Sensei began training in 1967 at Honbu Dojo in Tokyo. After meeting the founder, Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei, on his first day, he decided that is is a rare opportunity to train with the founder of the art, and it would be unwise to pass up this opportunity. It was there that he developed a connection with the late Saito Morihiro Shihan, eventually moving to Iwama to train exclusively with him as a live-in student.

After returning to the United States, Witt Sensei continued his training and eventually began teaching while still maintaining his relationship with Saito Sensei. He formed the Takemusu Aikido Association in 2001 where he served as President and Chief Instructor.

Many Sensei in the Bay Area have trained directly under Witt Sensei and he continues to teach regularly at Aikido Silicon Valley.

Witt Sensei was promoted to 8th degree black belt in January, 2017. He is one of the few Aikido teachers worldwide who has been awarded the title of Shihan, or Master Instructor.