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David Yoshinaga Sensei

5th Degree Black Belt
Dojo Cho

David Yoshinaga Sensei started training at Aikido Silicon Valley in 2001. His initial motivation to begin training in a martial art was just to get exercise. After considering his goals and researching different martial arts, Aikido was the one that fit perfectly. It wasn't long before he was training six days a week and discovering deeper aspects of Aikido.

Yoshinaga Sensei made his first of several trips to Japan to train at the Aikikai Foundation Ibaraki Branch Dojo in Iwama in 2007. This experience further enhanced his passion for Aikido and inspired him to continue learning from even the most fundamental techniques.

Yoshinaga Sensei was promoted to the rank of 5th degree black belt in 2018 and assumed the position of Dojo Cho in 2020. It is his goal to continue to study and teach the mental and physical aspects of Aikido.