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Bill Witt Shihan

Bill Witt Sensei8th Degree Black Belt
Senior Instructor of the Takemusu Aikido Association

Witt Sensei has been teaching and training since 1967, and is one of the most senior instructors in the United States. He has trained extensively in Iwama, Japan and is a direct student of the late Saito Morihiro Shihan.

In addition, Witt Sensei has trained directly with Ueshiba O-Sensei, the Founder of Aikido. Witt Sensei is one of the few Aikido teachers worldwide who has been awarded the title of Shihan, or Master Instructor.

Witt Sensei was promoted to 8th degree black belt in January, 2017.

Saito Sensei and Bill Witt: The Early Years

My Iwama Teacher

Bill Witt Builds the Bridge to Iwama

Interview with Bill Witt Shihan, 8th Dan, Takemusu Aikido Association