Aikido Silicon Valley teaches Aikido faithfully, as it was taught by the Founder, Ueshiba Morihei O-Sensei. Aikido follows principles of non-conflict and harmony which can be applied as an effective self-defense as well as in daily life.
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Benefits of Aikido training include:

  • Learn skills for self-defense and the defense of others
  • Improvements in physical health, confidence, discipline and awareness
  • Development of personal character and continuous self-improvement

We are located in Sunnyvale and easily accessible to the greater San Jose area. Classes are taught by Dojo Cho Alice MacAllister Sensei (5th degree black belt) and Bill Witt Shihan (7th degree black belt and Master Instructor).

We invite you to join us on the path of Aikido.

  • Witt Sensei, Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival
  • macallister2
  • rsz_img_4519
  • Kotegaeshi
  • Ukemi, Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival
  • rsz_img_3328
  • Kokyu Nage
  • Randori, Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Ganseki Otoshi
  • rsz_2asv_test_2014_nov__5
  • Rokkyo
  • Irimi Nage
  • Standing Pin
  • rsz_img_4440
  • Kokyu Nage
  • Nikkyo

We offer two trial programs

Aikido Introduction
3 Free Classes
Individualized Training
- AND -
Aikido Exploration
9 Classes for $99
Earn your first Aikido belt.
Includes a free uniform
Visitors are welcome to observe a class.
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