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Aikido Silicon Valley
Martial Art, Self-Defense, Budo
Located in Sunnyvale, CA since 1998

Aikido Silicon Valley is rooted in the belief that a martial art does not have to be a violent and destructive force to be an effective self-defense. The Aikido principles of harmony, blending with adversity, and leading a conflict to an appropriate resolution, makes Aikido applicable to physical conflict as well as daily life.
  • Learn skills for self-defense and for the defense of others
  • Improvement physical health, confidence, discipline and awareness
  • Continuous development of personal character and self-improvement
We are located in Sunnyvale and easily accessible to the greater San Jose area. Classes are taught by Dojo Cho Alice MacAllister Sensei (5th degree black belt) and Bill Witt Shihan (8th degree black belt and Master Instructor).
  • Witt Sensei, Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival

We invite you to join us on the path of Aikido.

Trial Programs

Aikido Introduction
3 Free Classes
Individualized Training
Aikido Exploration
9 Classes for $99
Earn your first Aikido belt.
Includes a free uniform
Visitors are welcome to observe a class.
Contact us today to schedule a visit.


631 Grape Ave, Santa Clara, CA 94087

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Bill Witt Shihan 8th Dan Promotion

Congratulations to Witt Shihan on his promotion to 8th degree black belt, the highest rank that is awarded by the Aikikai Foundation. Witt Shihan began training in 1967 in Tokyo and has become an influential member of the Aikido community. To date, there have only been about 100 people in the world who have ever been promoted to 8th degree black belt.

Witt Shihan teaches two classes a week at Aikido Silicon Valley. The students of Aikido Silicon Valley are very proud to call Witt Shihan our Sensei.
Witt Shihan hachi dan
Bill Witt Shihan receiving 8th dan certificate from Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba at Hombu Dojo (Tokyo) on January 8, 2017.